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  1. PayPal Express Setup

    Step-by-step instructions to set up your PayPal Express account
  2. PayPal Pro Payflow Setup

    A walkthrough of all the steps you need to know to get your SimplePart site integrated with Payflow
  3. Export customer emails for an email campaign

    You can use the "Email Campaign" function to export customer email addresses for use in an email campaign. Follow these steps to export your customer list: Select Customers --> Email Campaign from the menu bar: Select the time rang...
  4.  EP. 2 – Explore Your New Website

    In this video, we'll explore some of the features of your new parts site, as well as how customers will navigate your website all the way from the home page through checkout.
  5. How-To Videos

    View and Download PDFs Below ...
  6. Best Practices: Preventing Fraud #2 - Order Details to Consider

    Fraud demands urgent attention and SimplePart has the tools and know-how to help you combat this issue. SimplePart’s Control Panel has several built-in features to help you take proactive measures against fraudulent orders: Look for al...
  7. Reading Control Panel Reports

  8. Editing Orders

    Once a customer places an order, you’ll be able to view it in the Order Contents area of your Control Panel. You are also able to edit or add additional items in this section, should you need to update an order. To edit existing contents, use...
  9. Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing

    Are you getting the best results for your online site’s marketing investments? We have a few tips to ensure you’re making your advertising dollars matter. Market your site through your dealership’s existing outlets.  Collabo...
  10.  EP. 1 – Get Started with SimplePart

    In this video, we'll review some of the basics of the SimplePart platform, as well as some topics that will be covered more in-depth in the upcoming videos.