Create and Manage Email Offers

Create and Manage Email Offers

Remarketing offers are a great way to grow your website’s sales and encourage repeat customers to your parts website. In fact, 46% of customers that shop with us are either unknown to Nissan or are zero-visit customers, making them great targets to increase your omni-channel sales and service lane revenues. To help with that, we’ve introduced a new tool in the Control Panel that allows you to send an email with a custom remarketing offer to customers after they order from your website. 

The new “Thank You” email tool delivers an email to your customers once an order has shipped and includes 4 offers, the fourth of which is a special offer unique to your dealership that you can customize. Viewing and customizing these offers can be accomplished in the Control Panel with just a few steps.

Viewing and Editing Offers

From the Control Panel homepage, open the Settings dropdown and then open the Manage Offers option. This will take you to the Manage Offers page, where you’ll be able to view the existing offers available for your store to use. The first three are “Parts” (10% off a single parts order), “Accessories” (25% off an accessories purchase of $300+), and “Inspection” (a complimentary multi-point inspection).

To view an offer, click the Edit button on the offer line. This will open a module that displays all of that offer’s information, including the offer name, the heading for the email, button and image text, and the link to where the email will take the user if they interact with the email after opening it.

Viewing and Editing Emails

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the offers, you can manage how they appear in emails in the Manage Emails screen, which is linked to in the upper right hand corner of the Manage Offers screen or in the Control Panel’s Settings dropdown.

The Manage Emails page displays all of the emails that you can send to customers and that you can add offers to. In each email’s module, you’ll see several elements: a checkbox explaining when the email should be sent (this also activates or deactivates that email), the email body (the text displayed in the email), and the offer dropdowns (which correspond to the four possible offer slots you can fill in the email). For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s just focus on the “Thank You” email we mentioned earlier, which is sent to customers once their orders have shipped. This email is labeled as the “Order Shipped Email” on the Manage Emails screen.

If you’re happy with the existing offers being added to an email, you’re all set! No further action is needed. However, if you’d like to add a custom offer in the fourth slot like we did before, you’ll need to create a new offer.

Creating a New Offer

Now that you’re familiar with the location of offers and the emails that they can be added to, let’s cover how to create a new offer. This feature is helpful if you’d like to create a fourth custom offer to offer to customers in any of the emails from the Manage Emails screen. To do this, first head back to the Manage Offers screen we talked about earlier. You can navigate to it either through the link in the upper right corner of the Manage Emails screen or through your Control Panel’s Settings dropdown.

To begin, click the “Create Offer” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A module will then display with several fields for you to fill with the details of your offer:

  • Offer name: The name of the offer that will display in the Control Panel.
  • Associated Emails: Any existing emails this offer is currently associated with.
  • Heading: The title of the promotion that will appear above it in the email body. 
  • Text: The text explaining the promotion details that will appear in the email body.
  • Image Source: The location of an image that you would like to appear in the offer section of the email.
  • Button text: The text that will display on the button that users will click to interact with the promotion.
  • Button link: The link of the page that users will be directed to when they click the offer button.

Tip: There are lots of different types of offers you can use to encourage repeat customers or drive business to other departments at your dealerships. For instance, you could offer a coupon for a discount on a future parts or accessories purchase or a coupon for a discount on maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation.

Simply fill out those fields and click save to save your new offer. You can edit the details of that promotion at any time in the future by navigating back to the Manage Offers screen and clicking the “Edit” button in that email’s row.

Adding an Offer to an Email

Finally, let’s go over how to add an offer to an email. First, navigate back to the Manage Emails screen. Then, find the email you want to add the offer to. On the right side, you’ll see 4 dropdowns, each of which correspond to an available offer slot. Three will be filled with existing offers (Parts, Accessories, and Inspection), but the fourth will be blank. Simply click the dropdown labeled “Fourth Offer” and select your new offer from the dropdown. Finally, click the “Save” button and you’re finished.

Adding custom offers to your emails is a great way to drive additional sales to your parts websites, as well as to other departments of your dealership like sales or service. If you have any questions about emails, offers, or the other capabilities of the SimplePart platform, contact a member of our support team at or 1-888-843-0425