Control Panel


Logging in from NNAnet2.0
You will access the SimplePart Control Panel via your NNAnet2.0 login. Follow these steps to login: After logging in to NNAnet, select My Links: Next, select "Dealer Control Panel - SimplePart": You should now be logged in and viewi...
Pending Flags
At the top right of your Control Panel, you should notice a set of orange icons with a corresponding number count. Each of these will assist you in running your parts website. Image A Image B. The first icon reading from left to ...
Searching Orders
How to Search Orders When you log into the Control Panel and you need to locate a specific order, there are a few different ways to search for it. You can either use the "Orders" drop down in the menu at the top of the page. You can also ...
Your Guide to: Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing can be summed up fairly succinctly: purchasing space for paid ads on search engines as a way of driving traffic to your website. However, our SEM team does so much more than simply buying ads.  Every member of the Simpl...
Shipping/Tax Rates & Pickup
Get up to speed on viewing and modifying shipping rates and tax rates in the Control Panel.
Monthly Performance Snapshot & Reporting
We offer an extensive library of research and reporting tools that range from Gross Profit by Month to Conversion Rates Since Inception . These reports can help you determine where you might want to improve and help manage future changes. When ...
How to Edit the Checkout Screen
The VIN message notifies customers during their checkout process to provide the VIN Number for their vehicle, in order to ensure the accuracy of their order. For this reason, the VIN message is an important aspect of your Cart Page.  To make c...
Wholesale Module
The Wholesale Module is an optional add-on for your SimplePart site which provides real-time discounted pricing for certain customers when they browse your parts website. This is only visible to your customers who have an approved Wholesale Login.&n...
Reading Control Panel Reports
Local Pickup Handling Fees
Local Pickup is an easy way to target customers near your dealership and save on shipping costs. And now you can add a handling fee to Local Pick-up orders, giving you the ability to recapture profit on these types of orders.  Handling fees ar...
Create and Manage Email Offers
Learn how to create and manage email offers in the SimplePart platform.
Create and Manage Email Offers
How to create and manage email offers on the SimplePart platform.
How to Use the Camera App
Learn how to use the camera app to enhance the user experience on your eCommerce site and increase your sales!
How to Change OMNIPARTS Pricing
How to Change OMNIPARTS Pricing using the Control Panel