Export customer emails for an email campaign

You can use the "Email Campaign" function to export customer email addresses for use in an email campaign.

Follow these steps to export your customer list:

  1. Select Customers --> Email Campaign from the menu bar:
  2. Select the time range of customer emails you would like to export. Your options are:
    1. 1 Month
    2. 3 Months
    3. 6 Months
    4. 12 Months
    5. All Time 
  3. After choosing your time range, click "Select Customers"(Box 1). Notice the "Processing" prompt (Box 2), meaning your query is being run:
  4. When the query is complete, you will see the number of customer emails produced for that date range (Box 1). Now, select "Export (Box 2):
  5. Once the Export is complete, you will see Customer Results in the bottom center of the page. These results can be easily copy/pasted in to any document type of your choosing:

NOTE: The customer records presented from these queries are only customers who said "Yes" to receiving marketing communications from your store when they last made a purchase. Any customer who opted out of marketing communications is not included.

Having trouble with this feature or have a question? 

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